Furukawa México, S.A. de C.V.


In order to manifest that we are part of a world-class corporate, Furukawa México, SA de C.V. renews its corporate image and will do business as Furukawa Automotive Mexico.

We specialize in auto parts manufacturing of electrical devices for airbags activation; fuse boxes, various harnesses and injection-molded plastic parts.

In Furukawa Automotive Mexico, we manufacture our products with the highest quality standards, with the best technology, supported by our corporate office and our associates, trained to meet automotive industry demands. We are industry leaders.

On daily basis, we work on continuous improvement of our processes to protect the lives of drivers and their passengers. Our products increase efficiency and improve the functionality of the car, providing greater safety and comfort to people while driving.

"It's important to clarify, this organization image change does not imply a change in the corporate name, which remains as Furukawa México, S.A. de C.V. So there is no change or any impact to partners, suppliers, customers, etc."