FURMEX renews the image

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In order to manifest that we are part of a world-class corporate, and to clearly state that we are parts manufacturer for automotive industry; Furukawa Mexico, SA de C.V. renews its corporate image and will do business as Furukawa Automotive Mexico.

Yamaichi Logo

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It consists of a motif mountain (yama) and the Japanese character for "one" (ichi). Our Yamaichi logo was created by the founder of Furukawa Group: Ichibe Furukawa, in 1877; when he decided to leave behind his long career in the business of raw silk and focused on the mining industry.

Based on the idea of specializing exclusively in mining, he developed the Ashio mine, leading copper mine in Japan. (Source : "Fortune, patience and persistence - Life of Ichibe Furukawa" Yukio Sunagawa).

The growth of the company has always been based on technical innovation, we are dedicated to it from the beginning and even today, in order to contribute to society as leaders in technological innovation.


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